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Idon Media, LLC, serves as the Florida subsidiary of Digital Outdoor Advertising, LLC, assuming a crucial role in managing the expansive portfolio of digital and static billboard assets across the United States. Our journey commenced in 2012, initiated by the visionary minds of Christine Lanziano and Larry Clark, propelled by a steadfast commitment to pioneering a revolutionary 'one-stop shop' concept, seamlessly bridging the gap between independent billboard operators and the expansive realm of national advertising.

As a certified Woman-Owned Business (WBENC), we take pride in embodying diversity and inclusivity within our organizational fabric. With our proprietary software at the helm, we possess unparalleled access to 116 diverse markets, boasting an impressive assemblage of over 5000 strategically positioned billboard assets. This technological prowess empowers us to forge impactful connections between brands and consumers, ensuring their messages resonate across the nation with precision and finesse.

At Idon Media, we stand as a beacon of professionalism, unwaveringly committed to delivering exceptional results that surpass expectations. With our wealth of experience, expansive reach, and innovative approach, we are poised to revolutionize the advertising landscape, propelling brands to unparalleled heights of success.

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Christine the Billboard Queen has been in the OOH industry for over 25 years. She is proud to be an entrepreneur and a nationally certified woman owned business.

Over the past 15 years she serves as President of Digital Outdoor Advertising which represents over 20,000 billboards in 200 markets across the US. This allows independent billboard owner/operators to get national ad campaigns in their respective markets. She is also a partner in IDON Media, Iconic Media, Iconic Digital Displays & OOH Software.

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Larry Clark has been involved in the billboard industry since 1972, where, along with several partners, he has owned and developed thousands of billboards in multiple markets (San Antonio, El Paso, Albuquerque, Corpus Christi, Rio Grande Valley, Fresno, Stockton and Sacramento to name a few).

In 1994, he built one of the first LED digital billboards in Fresno, CA, which was the start of his passion to take digital outdoor billboards to the marketplace.

Today, he continues to develop relationships with strategic partners to organically build digital boards and convert static boards to digital in prime locations throughout the United States.


At Idon Media, we offer advertisers an expansive and independent network, providing them with an unmatched, cost-effective solution to precisely target consumers along their journey to purchase. Within our dynamic ecosystem, our digital interfaces unlock a multitude of powerful features, including the seamless utilization of RSS Feeds, seamless integration with social media platforms, real-time weather alerts, and an array of other cutting-edge tools.

National Footprint

Immerse your brand in the limelight with our exceptional collection of digital billboards strategically positioned in prime locations across the vibrant landscapes of the United States and Canada. Unlock the potential for your brand to shine by securing a spot among the elite ranks of our billboard portfolio. Your brand's moment in the spotlight is just a step away, poised to captivate audiences in bustling cityscapes and leave an indelible mark on the minds of passersby. Take the leap and seize the opportunity to make your brand the next star in our constellation of digital billboards.


Idon Media proudly stands as a woman-owned business, exemplifying our unwavering commitment to fostering an environment where the contributions of all individuals, regardless of gender or background, are celebrated and cherished. We recognize the immeasurable value that diversity brings to the business world, and we are dedicated to assisting you in realizing your diversity goals while simultaneously achieving your advertising objectives.

Our commitment to diversity extends beyond mere rhetoric. It is ingrained within our organizational DNA, shaping every aspect of our operations. We are ready to collaborate with you, harnessing the power of advertising to create meaningful connections with diverse audiences, foster positive social change, and drive lasting impact.


Our digital billboards are all state of the art, using Media Resources' VISION- iQ modules:

  • Built like a computer network with full redundancy and top tier components to drive maximum up- time
  • Built for safety and simple servicing - no welding, no screws or special tools for rapid installation and servicing
  • Innovative module - waterproof, temperature controls, multi-latch (front & rear service standard) configuration with 185 mph pull- out rating; with common module size
  • Optimum visual quality with many unique features
  • Full color spectrum - at all light levels
  • Super-wide view angle
  • High refresh rates
  • Optimized LED pixel pattern for image clarity
  • An automated monitoring & diagnostics system